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Summer School Product Service Systems

Service instead of Product – The design of the future

Are smart Product Service Systems (PSS) the design approach of the future?

As sustainable production becomes an international concern, PSS can help reduce environmental impact of both, production and consumption. By offering services instead of products, companies cannot only fulfill this goal, but often create new business opportunities. Think Skype instead of CDs or Netflix instead of DVDs. New business concepts can be created while making our economy more sustainable.

Learn all about the development and structure of Product Service Systems and their application and take a big step for you future career.

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RUB Summer School Product Service Systems

Study – Connect – Enjoy

What is waiting for you?

Learn all about the development and structure of Product Service Systems and their application and take a big step for you future career. Sustainability and Customer Relations are only two of the main topics that will be covered during the Summer School. Working in teams you will develop your very own PSS in a case study, to apply what you have learned in a practical example. Along with the focus on this new development in design and sales we will offer you multiple opportunities to get to know the area, meet students from Ruhr-Universität Bochum and to learn soemthing about German culture and history.

Leisure Activities include:

  • A visit to the Old Towns of Cologne & Düsseldorf
  • A tour of Thyssen Krupp plant
  • Summer Barbecues
  • the Botanical Gardens
  • Campus Tour

Program of the RUB Summer School Product Service Systems (PSS)

  • Week 1 : Introduction to Product Service Systems
    • Methodologies of PSS Designs (e.g. the Quado-Model)
    • PSS in action: Visit to a manufacturer
    • Environmental Aspects of PSS
    • Visit to Haus der Geschichte in Bonn
    • Intercultural Training
  • Week 2 : Developing a PSS
    • Big Data
    • Case Study: Developing a PSS
    • Presentation of Projects
    • Meet & Greet with Entrepreneurs / Start-Ups
    • Multiple Choice Exam

Your academic director of the Summer School is Professor Dr. Jens Pöppelbuß (More information here)

The RUB Summer School is especially interesting for undergraduates of civil engineering, economics & sales, but a broad range of students will benefit from a topic this relevant.

Your personal benefits of this Summer School include:

  • Know-How in one of the most relevant topics in sales and design right now
  • Networking with the talents of the future
  • Experience abroad
  • Intercultural Training
  • Meeting the Experts on PSS


Contact Us

Selina Schön, M.A.
Selina Schön, M.A.
+49 (0)234/32-21844

Commitment to Quality

Qualität unser Weiterbildung - Teilnehmer Weiterempfehlung

“The Summer School is really perfect for me. People here are very nice! Thank you! Danke!”

“I love the historic places and the student party was also wonderful! Girls in Germany love dancing and they dance really well. What a nice country!”

“The trips were amazing, I enjoyed the visit to Cologne Cathedral the most! The architecture is so impressive!”

“The professors were very interesting and so nice. What impressed my most was the visit to the steel-plant! Gigantic!”

“Before coming to Germany, I had never seen such beautiful industrial sites. As a major in mechanical engineering, I was impressed by the greatness of the industry, while standing on the tower above the industrial park.”

“I spent a great time with lovely professors, teachers & classmates.”

“I really loved the Learning Factory, because you can experience the process od industrial production basically with your own hands.”