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Summer School Entrepreneurship & Industry 4.0

The digital future of Entrepreneurship

The Ruhr Metropolitan Area as one of the major industrial sites of Europe is an excellent example of the shift from old industries to some of the most advanced  production plants in the world. Digitalization plays a key role in this development and offers opportunities and challenges at the same time. Join our summer course and learn everything about this shift ecaxtly where it happens.

The Ruhr University Bochum is a center of excellence concerning innovation, researching and consulting of companies on their way through the “4th industrial revolution”, as the movement is labeled in Germany. You will learn how to structure your own ideas and how you could build your own business. At a Meet & Greet with founders of Startups you will have the opportunity to form networks for your future. Our Summer School offers you the opportunity to work in the learning factory of the university and gain hands-on experience in role plays and workshops. The summer course is including several trips to interesting sights of Industry 4.0.

We want to invite you to design this worldwide movement with us.

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RUB Summer School Entrepreneurship & Industry 4.0

Study – Connect – Enjoy

What is waiting for you?

Learn all about the development of industry 4.0 and what it entails and take a big step for you future career. Structural Change, challenges for sustainability and the digital revolution are only three of the main topics that will be covered during the Summer School. Working in teams you will develop your very own topic iand present it to the group, to apply what you have learned in a practical example. You will also visit the Learning Factory of the Ruhr University, taking over the role of a production worker in a factory.

Along with the focus on insights about Industry 4.0, we will offer you multiple opportunities to get to know the area, meet students from Ruhr-Universität Bochum and to learn soemthing about German culture and history.

Leisure Activities include:

  • A tour of Thyssen Krupp plant
  • Summer Barbecues
  • A visit to the Botanical Gardens
  • Campus Tour

Program of the RUB Summer School Product Service Systems (PSS)

    • Week 1 : Industrial History
      • History of the Ruhr-Area
      • Industrial Museum of Henrichshütte
      • What is industry 4.0 and where does it come from?
      • Structural Change & a new Industrial Revolution
      • Risks and Challenges of industry 4.0 (Data Protection; Worker’s Rights)
    • Week 2 : Strategy & Management
      • Developing Industry 4.0 Strategies
      • Analysis Tools and AI in Production and Project Management
      • Scenario Management
      • Meet & Greet with Entrepreneurs / Start-Ups
      • Workshop: Digital Assistant Systems in Production
      • Multiple Choice Exam

Experts of history, engineering and social sciences will give you an interesting introduction to industry 4.0

The RUB Summer School is especially interesting for undergraduates of civil engineering, history, economics & sales, but a broad range of students will benefit from a topic this relevant.

Your personal benefits of this Summer School include:

  • Valuable insight in one of the most relevant topics in economics right now
  • Networking with the talents of the future
  • Experience abroad
  • Intercultural Training
  • Meeting the Experts on Industry 4.0


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Commitment to Quality

Qualität unser Weiterbildung - Teilnehmer Weiterempfehlung

“The Summer School is really perfect for me. People here are very nice! Thank you! Danke!”

“I love the historic places and the student party was also wonderful! Girls in Germany love dancing and they dance really well. What a nice country!”

“The trips were amazing, I enjoyed the visit to Cologne Cathedral the most! The architecture is so impressive!”

“The professors were very interesting and so nice. What impressed my most was the visit to the steel-plant! Gigantic!”

“Before coming to Germany, I had never seen such beautiful industrial sites. As a major in mechanical engineering, I was impressed by the greatness of the industry, while standing on the tower above the industrial park.”

“I spent a great time with lovely professors, teachers & classmates.”

“I really loved the Learning Factory, because you can experience the process od industrial production basically with your own hands.”