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Online Spring School: Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory

Spring School: Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory

This 2021 Online Spring School provides you with industry insights in how „Industrie 4.0“ actually transforms companies, manufacturing environments, business models and specific products. You will experience the ideas and technologies behind this fourth industrial revolution and discover several methods which will help to identify and evaulate the potential of industry 4.0 developments.

During our live tour of the LPS Learning and Research Factory at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum you will see several types of industrial software, technologies and other examples in application.

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Program of the RUB Online Spring School Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory

Introduction to Industry 4.0 Basic (April, 6th)

What is commonly understood as „Industry 4.0“? How is it actually realised and where is the value?

Product Digitisation and Data-Based Business Models (April, 13th)

How do new products benefit from Industry 4.0 and how can it be used to create new business models?

Digitisation in Production (April, 20th)

In this part we set the focus on manufacturing environments: how and where to find benefits?

Smart Factory Toolbox (April, 27th)

Which technologies are used in Smart Factories?

Smart Factory Tour of the LPS Factory (May, 4th)

In this live tour some technologies are shown in the Smart LPS Learning and Research Factory at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (May, 11th)

What is a Manufacturing Execution System, what is it used for and how does it feel to use it?

Dr. -Ing. Christian Magnus, Managing Director of GmbH, has many years of experience in the field of digitization of production environments.

His focus includes supporting organizations in digitizing and automating their production environments, developing and implementing digitization visions and roadmaps and providing methodological support for process optimization and digitization. He has extensive experience in building digitization teams as well as in training and mentoring at all hierarchical levels.

The RUB Online Spring School “Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory” is especially interesting for undergraduates of mechanical engineering, but a broad range of students will benefit from a topic this relevant.

Your personal benefits of this Online Spring School include:

  • Gaining insights into the digitisation processes of the future
  • Learning about the first steps to found a business on your own
  • taking part in an international program while being safe at home
  • visiting the Learning Factory at Ruhr University Bochum virtually


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