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Online Summer School Smart Production Systems & Robotics

Smart Production Systems – The Digitalization of Production and Manufacturing

A new type of industrial process forms an important part of the next industrial revolution, a trend also called Industry 4.0: Smart Production Systems (SPS) integrate smart technologies into production processes, aiming at a new form of automation. Technologies like VR and robotics are connecting the cyberworld to reality and are thereby offering exciting possibilities in the realm of smart production. Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) help overcome the limits of human strength and coordination and provide answers to pressing questions of industrial societies.

Not only will you gain insight into some of the most exciting areas of engineering, but you will also get to know a bit about Germany and be able to build a network of excellent students and colleagues to benefit from in your future career.

Learn all about the exciting new developments in production systems and take a great opportunity to develop your skills!

Lessons will include Web-based training in our learning platform based on moodle, plus three to four hours of live lectures and seminars each day with some of our best engineers, between 11 am and 3 pm (CEST). You will be able to work from the comfort of your own home, but nonetheless meet peers from all over the world.

Scholarship: We are offering 15 DAAD scholarships to take part in this program for free. Apply now!

RUB Online Summer School Smart Production Systems & Robotics

Study – Connect – Enjoy

Program of the RUB Summer School Smart Production Systems and Robotics

  • Week 1 : Smart Production Systems
    • Introduction to Smart Production Systems
    • Industry 4.0
    • Lieve Technology Tour of Learning Factory
    • Integration of AR and VR technology in SPS
    • Simulation Modeling
  • Week 2 : Robotics
    • History of Robotics, Past, Presence & Future; Key Challenges of Robotics in Automation, Towards Modern Robotics
    • Artificial Intelligence in Robotics, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learnings and Robotics, Transparency and Trustworthiness of Intelligent Robots
    • Robot Programming Tutorial: The participants will receive a general overview regarding types, function, programming and simulation of industrial robots for production related tasks like cutting and welding. The tutorial consists of a Zoom-lecture and a hands-on simulation practice using a state of the art simulation environment from home. Students will learn to use basic functions, program their own robot tasks and present their solution to the group.
    • Industry 4.0 – Projects in Digitization
    • Presentation of Projects

Your academic director of the Summer School is Dr. Christopher Prinz (More information here)

The RUB Summer School is especially interesting for undergraduates of civil engineering, but a broad range of students will benefit from a topic this relevant.

Your personal benefits of this Summer School include:

  • Know-How in one of the most relevant topics in engineering right now
  • Networking with the talents of the future
  • Experience abroad
  • Intercultural Training
  • Meeting the Experts on Smart Production Systems


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Selina Schön, M.A.
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Commitment to Quality

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“The Summer School is really perfect for me. People here are very nice! Thank you! Danke!”

“I love the historic places and the student party was also wonderful! Girls in Germany love dancing and they dance really well. What a nice country!”

“The trips were amazing, I enjoyed the visit to Cologne Cathedral the most! The architecture is so impressive!”

“The professors were very interesting and so nice. What impressed my most was the visit to the steel-plant! Gigantic!”

“Before coming to Germany, I had never seen such beautiful industrial sites. As a major in mechanical engineering, I was impressed by the greatness of the industry, while standing on the tower above the industrial park.”

“I spent a great time with lovely professors, teachers & classmates.”

“I really loved the Learning Factory, because you can experience the process od industrial production basically with your own hands.”