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International Student Programs

Our Summer Schools offer a truly dynamic and engaging academic and cultural environment for their international visitors. The Ruhr University Bochum invites students to take part in state-of-the-art and hands-on approaches to technical learning. Our summer schools provide a fantastic opportunity to experience what studying at Ruhr University Bochum is really like.

Study – Connect – Enjoy

Take the opportunity in our international student programs to meet students from all over the world at one of Germany’s biggest campus universities. The Ruhr Universität Bochum is proud to have been awarded with 2 Centers of Excellence during the recent selection process to identify Germany’s Universities of Excellence. This underlines the already outstanding reputation of the Ruhr Universität Bochum (RUB).

We want to welcome you to the Metropolitan Ruhr Area and show you how the Strukturwandel, the evolution from steel and coal to service industries, has shaped our company landscape.

Meet experts of their field, scientists of excellent research and create a network to use for your studies and beyond. We would be happy to welcome you in the heart of Europe.

RUB Summer School: Product Service Systems

Welcome to the Ruhrgebiet, a metropolitan area of several cities with some of the best universities of the country and one of the hotspots of sales & engineering in Europe. Smart Product Service Systems (PSS) can be seen as the design approach of the future.

As sustainable production becomes an international concern, PSS can help reduce environmental impact of both, production and consumption. By offering services instead of products, companies cannot only fullfill this goal, but often create new business opportunities. Think Skype instead of CDs or Netflix instead of DVDs. Join our Summer School and learn everything about Product Service Systems.

Our international student programs offer fun activities in the area, which will help you bond with your fellow students and build relationships for your professional life after university.
Glück auf from Bochum!

RUB Summer School: Industry 4.0

The Ruhr Metropolitan Area as one of the major industrial sites of Europe is an excellent example of the shift from old industries to some of the most advanced production plants in the world. Digitalization plays a key role in this development and offers opportunities and challenges at the same time. Our international student programs provide insights into the history and change process of the area.
The Ruhr University Bochum is a center of excellence concerning researching and consulting of companies on their way through the “4th industrial revolution”, as the movement is labeled in Germany.
We want to invite you to design this worldwide movement with us.

Smart Production Systems & Robotics

A new type of industrial process forms an important part of the next industrial revolution, a trend also called Industry 4.0: Smart Production Systems (SPS) integrate smart technologies into production processes, aiming at a new form of automation. Technologies like VR and robotics are connecting the cyberworld to reality and are thereby offering exciting possibilities in the realm of smart production. Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) help overcome the limits of human strength and coordination and provide answers to pressing questions of industrial societies. Take the opportunity of our international student programs and get to know the university’s Learning Factory in a compelling workshop. 

German Engineering, Language & Culture

Herzlich Willkommen: Come over and get to know more about Germany

Are you thinking of coming to Germany for your studies? This is the perfect opportunity to get to know the language, learn something about German culture and taste that wonderful beer everybody is talking about. Our international student programs offer the chance to dive into German culture and can provide you with great information and skills if you are thinking of ever coming here for your studies.

Summer School Innovation Management

The digital transformation has fundamentally fueled the acceleration of innovation cycles: What’s new today is already old tomorrow.

In order to stay in the game, corporations are investing in innovation management, sometimes in the form of freelance experts, sometimes by
even making an innovation manager part of their team.

As volatile and accidental innovation and creativity might seem, researchers have found strategies and factors to boost them, be it on an
individual, a team or a strategic level. Innovation management is the combination of all these strategies.

We want you to get to know those factors and apply them into your everyday life making this a big step on your future career ladder.

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